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"Our services are not limited to any one type of tree or task. We offer a wide variety of services for all your landscape needs. We service both homeowners and corporate commercial properties."

Trimming, Thinning, Pruning

We provide the most professional care for your investment. When trimming, thinning or pruning your trees it is crucial to know when to trim as well as to understand the condition of the tree so as not to endanger the life of the tree. Our experts have worked in the Arizona landscape for 40+ years and provide the finest services available. We know exactly what your trees will need to have done and will work with you so your investment will be healthy and look amazing. 

Tree Removal - Stump Grinding

We offer all your removal needs and options. EucSpec has long been known to be the company called in on the impossible take downs. We offer crane removal, piece by piece take downs or straight drop tactics. We have never failed to bring a tree down safely and we maintain a perfect track record for preventing damage to property. The available lineup of stump grinders today can tackle any stump of any size guaranteed. 


Many times fertilization is overlooked or misunderstood and can effect your investment over time in a negative way. We provide all your tree fertilization needs as we offer the full line up of soil treatment, injection capsules and all other care treatment methods and plans available on the market today. All our treatment plans are designed through fully certified and accredited individuals who lead the industry by serving the valley and other west coast states respectfully.


Whenever planting shrubs, plants or trees there is always a 50/50 chance they will take to the soil and grow. Planting in your landscape is a valuable investment to your property and requires the right conditions and techniques to ensure your investment will flourish and grow to your expectations. Proper timing, fertilization/ground conditions and watering system adjustments are needed in order to provide your plants/trees what they need in order to take root and flourish. We are your experts who will make sure your plants and trees will have the best opportunity to grow strong, full and beautiful.


We provide the most professional irrigation troubleshooting, repair and installation available. We provide planning, install, repair or maintenance either for your commercial property or private residence. Our irrigation experts have over 30+ years experience with irrigation planning and installation. It is very important that you modify your system and plan properly for the landscape being installed so as to save on water usage costs and maximize the water output needs for your landscape investment. 

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